Making your ideas grow...
Making your ideas grow...
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Gardening Tips

Gardening in April

Winter will soon be over and the garden will soon be starting to blossom and grow. You will find there is plenty to do in the garden but milder weather and longer days give you the chance to start to enjoy the garden.

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Plant of the month


Brighten up the shadier parts of your garden with a rhododendron. Rhododendrons will survive in most acidic soils and are light maintenance needing only the occasional pruning. As well as spring colour a lot of varieties are evergreen providing glossy foliage even in the barren winter months.

Events at Lincoln

Pennells expansion grand opening

13th May

The BBC One show's gardening expert, Christine Walkden, will be giving an hours talk at 2pm on "The life and times of a gardener" followed by a question and answer session for approximately one hour. We will also be having food tasting, barbecue demonstrations and special offers throughout the day.

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Events at Cleethorpes

Historical Lincolnshire Plants

11th May

Loretta Rivett will be giving a talk about the history of plants in Lincolnshire. This event is held between 3 and 4pm. In order to book your tickets or for more information please call 01472 609023 and ask for Louise.

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...Making your ideas grow

We try to ensure that all the plants we sell live up to your expectations. However if you have a problem with any hardy plants that you buy from us, please return it with proof of purchase and we will refund your money or give you another plant to the same value.
Plants sold from our sale tables are excluded from the guarantee.
Gardening and the Environment
Helping you do more for the environment
* We sell peat free composts
* We take back your plant pots for recycling
* We can help you to encourage the birds and wildlife in your garden with our wide range of products
* If you plant trees and shrubs they will help to lock up carbon. Did you know that a mature tree will absorb approximately 48 lbs of Carbon a year, and will give out enough oxygen to sustain two people!


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